Biodiversity Conservation

The aim of this section is to contribute to the ongoing debate on how to halt the biodiversity loss in a dynamic socio-ecological system. We welcome abstracts on all topics related to the conservation of the different components of biodiversity (genes, species, ecosystems, landscapes/seascapes). Topics of interest include: (a) Identification and conservation of threatened species and habitats; (b) Methods for establishment and management of protected areas; (c) Maintenance and recovery of species populations and degraded ecological systems such as heavily polluted lakes, rivers, and lands; (d) Technology and Research-Tools for conserving biodiversity; (e) Ecosystem services and human wellbeing, and (f) Trade-offs between development and conservation.

Keywords: drivers of biodiversity loss; conservation biology; ecosystem services; habitat restoration; threatened species; threatened habitats; protected areas; sustainability


Prof Panayiotis Dimitrakopoulos, University of the Aegean, Greece (