Global plastic demand has grown exponentially since 1950s, because it is durable, lightweight and cost effective. However, the inadequate management of the waste coming from plastic materials has determined an increasing environmental pressure, driving the search for sustainable alternatives, such as bioplastics.

This session aims at discussing the state of the art in the field of bioplastic spread and application as well as at presenting the most recent trends for the generation of bio-based polymers. The session outline will thus include topics related, but not limited, to:

  • innovative feedstocks for bioplastic generation,

  • bioplastic production technologies and optimization strategies,

  • structural characteristics and potential applications of bioplastics,

  • economic and regulatory frameworks for bioplastic market widening,

  • environmental impacts of bioplastics generation and use,

  • biodegradation of bioplastics in different environments,

  • effects of bio-based products on waste management.

Convener: Dr Alessandra Cesaro, University of Naples Federico II, Italy (