Emerging Pollutants

Session outline

The objective of this special session is to gather environmental chemists, environmental engineers and wastewater utility and water treatment managers to discuss this topic and answer to questions such as: 

  • Occurrence and analytical methods for the detection of emerging pollutants and their transformation products 

  • Mechanisms affecting removal of these compounds in WWTSs 

  • Wastewater and drinking water treatment processes (conventional and advanced) for the elimination of emerging contaminants 

  • Transformation products which are formed during wastewater and water treatment 

  • Risk assessment for the aquatic environment due to the disposal and reuse of treated wastewater and sludge 


Prof Damià Barceló, Catalan Institute for Water Research (ICRA) and Research Professor of Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research, Spain (dbcqam@cid.csic.es


Dr. N.S. Thomaidis, University of Athens, Greece (ntho@chem.uoa.gr)