Food Waste

As the augmenting quantity of food waste and their unfolding economic, social, and environmental consequences are becoming visible in a most prominent manner, the need for a new integrated framework for the management of the food supply chain is becoming increasingly imperative. Worldwide, about one-third of all food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted, corresponding approximately to economic costs of € 900 billion, social costs of € 800 billion and environmental costs of USD 650 billion per year (FAO, 2014).
Against this background, the CEST 2021 Conference launches the “Session Food loss and waste reduction”, to provide a fresh insight into the subject of food wastage prevention and food waste valorization. The Session aims to contribute to the development of a low-waste food value chain by addressing all stages of the food waste hierarchy, including all environmental and social aspects of the food waste issue.
Through the presentation and critical review of policies, strategies, best practices and innovations in all stages of the food supply chain, “from the farm to the fork”, the Session aims to highlight the need for the development of a holistic and cross disciplinary approach, which involves the adoption of a new sustainable production and consumption Paradigm, and the integration of the circular economy concept throughout the global food production and consumption system.

Prof Katia Lasaridi, Harokopio University, Greece (

Prof Konstantinos Abeliotis, Harokopio University, Greece (
Dr Christina Chroni, Harokopio University, Greece (