Heavy Metals in the Environment

The objective of the session is to provide a multidisciplinary platform for discussion and to host presentations on the latest research on heavy metals in the environment. 

Topics included in this session are: 

  • Heavy metals in soil and aquatic environment 

  • Biogeochemical cycle of heavy metals 

  • Atmospheric pollution by heavy metal 

  • Advances in heavy metals detection in the environment 

  • Bioremediation of soil 

  • Interactions of heavy metals with living organisms 


Prof. Nikos Lydakis-Simantiris, Hellenic Mediterranean University, Greece (lydakis@hmu.gr

Dr Helena Soares, University of Porto, Portugal, (hsoares@fe.up.pt)

Prof. Spiros Pergantis, University of Crete, Greece (spergantis@chemistry.uoc.gr)