Sustainable water management in the Mediterranean – Technological solutions, demonstration and deployment   

Water availability in the Mediterranean basin is limited and resources are unevenly distributed with countries suffering from water scarcity. Water is a renewable resource but its capacity to self-generate varies according to space and time; over-exploitation of this resource could lead to disequilibrium in water balance. Some countries of the area come close to, or exceed, the average annual volume of renewable natural resources. Despite a comprehensive legal framework, clearly a sign of the Mediterranean countries’ political commitment to protecting the environment, the Mediterranean continues to be a valuable, treasured region, yet one clearly under threat. Water-use efficiency is key to effective water-demand management in the Mediterranean. The main quantitative opportunity for savings concerns the agricultural sector and domestic use. Improving water efficiency may include a wide array of interventions and technological solutions. In agriculture, for instance, initiatives may combine improved water control, improved land management and a range of agronomic practices. Moreover, water supply through non-conventional sources has the positive direct advantage of reducing the pressure on freshwater. Such solutions may include a wide array of technologies, like using return water from agricultural drainage, reuse of treated wastewater for irrigation purposes, desalination, managed aquifer recharge, etc.

This Special Session is organized by a Cluster of five ENI CBC Mediterranean programme funded projects, related to water and sanitation, namely  





PROSIM (    

and will present innovative technological solutions and approaches towards increasing water efficiency and encouraging the use of non-conventional water supplies in the arid and semi-arid areas of the Mediterranean basin. With the aim to reinforce the expected impact of similar initiatives by pooling knowledge and expertise, the Session is open to presentations from ongoing projects and research initiatives addressed to the same thematic area, and are willing to explore synergies on the basis of water sustainability values and in assisting progress, prosperity and good neighborliness in the Mediterranean area.

Keywords: non-conventional water resources, green technologies, nature-based solutions, sustainable development, resource recovery, circular economy, water supply, water efficiency, water reuse, managed aquifer recharge

Session chairs:

Konstantinos Plakas
(Centre for Research and Technology-Hellas, CERTH, Greece) (,
Monther Hind
(Palestinian Wastewater Engineers Group, PWEG, Palestine) (,
Alberto Carletti
(Desertification Research Centre, University of Sassari, NRD-UNISS, Italy) (,
Fabio Masi
(IRIDRA S.r.l., Italy) (,
Valeria Lonni
(Institute for University Cooperation Onlus, ICU, Italy) (  

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