Thematic areas and sessions

Water and wastewater treatment and reuse


Hydrology and water resources

  • Process understanding through innovative sensors and remote sensing

  • Model hypothesis testing, diagnostics and causality

  • River systems in diverse climate and environments

  • Estimation and prediction under past and future conditions (climate, population, land and use change)

  • Prediction in ungauged basins and prediction under uncertainty 

  • Operational and impact-based forecasting, and data assimilation

  • Floods, Droughts and Water scarcity

  • Water and climate services-challenges and user-tailored developments

  • Water policy, Management and Society

  • Water, Energy and-or Food Nexus

  • Hydrological education and cooperative experiments (exchange programme and virtual laboratories)

Waste management

Environmental planning, management and policies

Environmental Pollution

Ecology, Environmental Change and Management

Analysis of environmental systems


Environmental health

Innovative environmental solution

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